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I’ve been on stage since being a teenager, professionally now for almost twenty years, as a singer, an actress, a dancer and speaker.


With this presentation training I help people become more confident with being themselves and find and use their very own and unique expression, their clear, strong voice and their strengths.


If it is part of your life to speak in front of audiences, to give lectures and presentations, or you would like more self-esteem and a confident appearance in your everyday life, my presentation training can help you. 


How do you want to be perceived by others? What energy do you want to radiate? What is important to you? In which areas would you like improvement?

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During this training we will include all aspects of who you are into our work together, will bring out your strengths and find ways to utilize them even more.


If you are interested in working specifically with your voice, we will also concentrate on techniques for speaking, so you will find your true, authentic voice with which you will be able to present with more confidence and clarity. 


Should issues such as stage fright, fear of failing or being nervous arise, we will explore where they have their roots and I will assist you, if you would like, to start the process of resolving these issues and will give you tools, so it will become easier for you to deal with such emotions.


Only when we are truly authentic, is it possible to inspire people and get through to them. Sometimes it takes a bit of courage to allow yourself to be who you truly are, and by doing this we may be confronted with our own vulnerability. But when you actually come to the point of being your truest self and coming into your power, you will reach entirely new levels and will be able to enjoy these. Let yourself be surprised by YOU.

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I offer my sessions worldwide over Zoom.

Price for a 60 minute training: 99 Euros


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