Sacred Goddess Circle

High vibrational Healing Circle for women

Friday, 31-05-2024

Sacred Goddess Circle


A monthly online Healing Circle for women to heal, replenish, connect and share


I am offering a high vibrational monthly online Healing Circle for women.


PLEASE NOTE: This event is not recorded, as it is interactive.


I open a safe and sacred space for us to come together, to replenish, connect, heal, raise our vibration and share.


You are not obliged to participate monthly, you can come once, now and again or regularly, whatever is in alignment for you.


The Goddess Energy is returning and it is time for the divine feminine and divine masculine to be brought into balance again – on a planetary and individual level.


I offer this space as an opportunity for you to connect with like-minded, spritual women, to receive support, to be seen and heard, to connect and embody your own Goddess Energy, and to heal on deeper levels, so that you may reclaim your true power and allow your being to shine, in your own divine timing.


This space is completely free of judement of any kind.





These are some of the things I offer during our meetings:


• Guided Meditations / Inner Journeys

• Sound Healing Transmissions (intuitivley sung Light Language and Sounds to relaxing music)

• Toning

• Sacred Movement

• Group-Healing

• Healing Light-Codes-Transmissions

• Infusing your Dreams and Visions with the Power of the Group Energy


This Circle holds you in its light, exactly as you are, wherever you may be on your journey.
I truly enjoy coming together with other Goddesses and supporting each other.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I will get back to you asap.


Whether you are already stepping into / embodying your Goddess Energy, or are not feeling it yet, due to beliefs and programs of not being enough/worthy/deserving, this Healing Circle is for you! No matter where you are on your journey.


This a loving, open, compassionate and safe space.

If you sign up for the Sacred Goddess Circle, you agree to the following:

• to not judge others

• to be kind and compassionate

• to treat the other Goddesses as you would like to be treated yourself


I would be very honored to welcome you to our Healing Circle.


Much light, love and many blessings to you,




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