Guided Angel Meditation


Guided Angel Meditation

Guided Meditation / with Light Language Sound Healing Choir


This is a guided meditation, combined with a Light Language Sound Healing Choir.

As we are shifting and transforming so rapidly, these high energies can feel exhausting and overwhelming at times.
Allow yourself to be held by these beautiful angelic beings of light, in a scared, safe and timeless space.
Let go of anything that feels heavy to you and take this moment to just be and breathe.

This meditation helps you to find a moment of peace and tranquility, to replenish and let go.
Surrender fully to the embrace of the angels.

The sung light language choir is a transmission of healing, golden light codes flowing from the angels hearts to yours, anchoring in deep within your being.

I highly recommend using headphones/earbuds or good speakers.

Du kannst dir diese Klangheilung kostenlos auf meiner Website, auf SoundCloud oder YouTube anhören. Wenn du sie allerdings als Mp3 Datei besitzen und meine Arbeit unterstützen möchtest, kannst du sie hier erwerben. Vielen Dank.