Guided Chakra Meditation (with Sound Healing)


This is a guided meditation to cleanse and upgrade your chakras and to receive your personal golden symbols of light with healing light information and light codes, that will be anchored within your chakras, as long as they are of benefit to you.

Please note: Do not worry if at first your symbols do not appear clearly to you. There is no right or wrong way to sense them. Some might see the actual symbol, some might feel their vibration. Trust that – whatever you see or feel or don’t see or feel in that moment – your symbols are there vibrationally and do find their way to your chakras.

It is a wonderful exercise to train your intuition and inner sight. But please don’t put any pressure on yourself. All is good the way it is and in any case the meditation has an effect on you.

The words of the sound healing: Araja’ti

Araja’ti is the light language phrase that I received for this meditation. It supports the anchoring of the energy and the flowing of the light information and light codes of the golden symbols.

I highly recommend using headphones.

Du kannst dir diese Klangheilung kostenlos auf meiner Website, auf SoundCloud oder YouTube anhören. Wenn du sie allerdings als Mp3 Datei besitzen und meine Arbeit unterstützen möchtest, kannst du sie hier erwerben. Vielen Dank.