The Magical Cosmic Dragon Journey

A Cosmic Journey and Sound Healing Transmission to support your ascension into 5D.
A magical Journey with the Dragons, deep into your Being, the Earth and the Cosmos.



Cosmic Journey with Sound Healing Transmission into the Magical Dragon Realm


This is the recording of my online Event THE MAGICAL COSMIC DRAGON JOURNEY on April 13th 2023.


After your purchase you will receive the link to the recording of the event and the possibility to download the mp3 file of a high quality audio recording of the cosmic journey.


Dragons are amazing, wise and open hearted beings. In the golden era of Atlantis everyone was in touch with their dragon. They are now returning again to help and support us.


You will have the chance to connect with your own dragon, and you will meet and work with other earth, water, fire and air dragons, as well as with a pink Dragon of Quan Yin and a Golden Christed Dragon.


During these Cosmic Journeys/Sound Healing Transmissions I channel healing light information, healing vibrations and light codes that are of the highest benefit to you and the group.


I bring them into effect through intuitive singing with sounds and light language, combined with music. These sounds flow deep into your body and being, open up deep levels within you and support the healing process of the guided, cosmic journey.


During this journey you have the possibility to:


  • meet and work with your own dragons and other
  • journey deep into your own being, the earth and the cosmos
  • connect deeply with your sacred heart space
  • deine Schwingung zu erhöhen
  • cleanse your light body
  • expand your consciousness
  • replenish
  • allow high dimensional energies to anchor within you
  • deeply relax


The shift that we are experiencing on this earth right now , can be very challenging.
At the same time the possibilities of healing and transformation are greater than ever.
Many beings of the higher dimensions are here to assist us. But we must invite them in and ask for support.


Für eine bessere Klangerfahrung empfehle ich es, Kopfhörer oder gute Lautsprecher zu nutzen.


I wish you a magical and powerful journey into the Dragon Realm!
Much love,