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My name is Marysol, I’m forty years old and have been a free spirit since the day I was born. I’ve never fit into “systems” and it is my heart’s desire to lead a life that is in alignment with my truest self.

Marysol is Spanish and means ocean and sun. I find my name suits me, since I love nature, especially the ocean, that’s where I feel totally free. I’m someone that loves to laugh, but can also be still and thoughtful. I give my best to be a light in this world and it fulfills me deeply to accompany and support other people on their very own path of healing.

As a singer and actress, I have worked at many theaters and on many artistic projects in the past almost twenty years. I’ve been singing and dancing since my early childhood and I’ve always wanted to be on stage, to live my passion, touch people’s hearts and inspire them through music and emotions.

Just before turning eighteen, my dream came true and I went to Berlin to study singing, dancing and acting at the University of Arts.

I’ve always been someone who perceives other people, emotions and situations very intensely. Everything that I feel within myself, but also the emotions and energies of the people that I come into contact with. I always had the feeling I didn’t really belong here on this earth, as if I were somehow different. Today I know why I am here and what my soul wants to learn and live, but when I was younger, I was often overwhelmed by this and didn’t quite know how to handle everything that I was experiencing.

The world of theater can be absolutely wonderful but at the same time challenging. You work very closely with so many different people and sometimes worlds clash.

I wanted to find out how I could stay in my own space, centered and calm, no matter what the situation on the outside may be. I’ve always had the deep longing to find out who I truly am, what I want and how to find my way to a meaningful and fulfilled life. I wanted to explore the full potential of my soul and bring it into effect as a human being on this earth.

That’s why I am on this exciting journey, that keeps surprising and challenging me, but also brings wonderful new experiences and discoveries.

When I was sixteen years old (until my early twenties), I was struggling with deep, painful, emotional depressions, which I couldn’t explain, since I was leading a life full of love and abundance.

So I set out on a fascinating journey, which led me to wonderful people that work in the field of healing. With the help of these people, I was able to dissolve blockages in my energy body, moments of cause and effect in my childhood and many other things, so that I was able to dissolve my depressions and leave them behind me.

I followed the calling of my heart to take a path that not everyone understood/understands, but which is bringing me closer and closer to my true self and lets me lead a life of purpose, which for me is being an artist, a singer and at the same time working in the field of energy and sound healing with so many wonderful methods, especially sound healing, and supporting and inspiring people on their way of healing and becoming.

Sound healing, with healing sound instruments and primarily my voice, and creating music for the soul that flows through me is my main element. For me, music is like the air that we breathe.

Today I am still a person that feels and perceives everything very intensely, but in deep gratitude I have learned to utilize this gift and it brings me great joy to share it with other people and accompany them on their own path to inner freedom.

After many workshops, seminars, courses and personal sessions with wonderful teachers from many different areas, such as quantum healing, energy healing, medial gifts and shamanism, I started creating my very own combination of all the things I had learned and experienced, and through my connection to the spirit world started letting it flow through me and my voice into my healing work. And of course the journey continues, because the journey to the source of our soul brings us closer and closer to who and what we truly are and unfolds more and more, if we are ready to follow our soul’s and heart’s inner calling.

On my website you can find information about all the different areas of my work.
I wish you joy while exploring my page.

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