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Sound & Energy Healing

Your 1 : 1
Sound & Energy Healing Session

Heal your mind, body and soul

During our session I open a safe space for you, in which you will receive exactly what your soul, your body and being needs at this point of your journey and path.


I will take you on a magical guided inner journey – deep into your inner worlds and into the quantum field – combined with sound and energy healing.


I am always guided and supported by the spirit world, my intuition and many of our star brothers and star sisters, and serve as a channel, through which healing can occur on different levels.


I let many different elements flow into my energy healing work, that come together harmoniously, such as sound healing with my voice and music, sung light language transmissions, energy healing, quantum healing, guided inner journeys, shamanic drumming and spiritual coaching.

sound healing

Let yourself be deeply touched by the magic of sound

My specialty is sound healing with my voice and music


As a singer I love working with my voice. Healing sounds can deeply affect our body and our wellbeing and can support and accelerate healing processes.


When I am in deep connection with the universal energy, healing vibrations, light-information and light-codes, which I channel specifically for you, flow through me, which I bring into effect by singing sounds and light language intuitively.


The healing vibration of this music flows deep into your body and being, and into your DNA. They reach the core of your being, opening up deep levels within you, and help you to once again experience and feel your primary connection to your true Self, to Source and open your heart on yet deeper levels.

At the beginning of the session we have time to talk and see in which areas of your life you would like improvement and what you wish for in our session.


These are some of the elements I work with during a session:

  • Dissolving stuck energies and blockages on different levels

  • Clearing and cleansing of the lightbody

  • Cutting and dissolving of cords

  • DNA Activation

  • Light Language Transmission (sung and spoken)

  • Highest Timeline Activation

  • Ancestral Healing

  • Spritual Coaching

During the session you have the possibility to:

  • connect deeply to your sacred heart space

  • come into alignment with the essence of your soul

  • strengthen your connection to your team in spirit and higher self

  • activate self healing powers on multiple levels

  • receive light codes and healing vibrations

  • release energies and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you

  • connect to and activate your infinte potential

  • relax deeply and replenish

  • raise your vibration

  • step more fully into the 5-D version of you

A session with just spiritual coaching to assist you on your path of awakening and transformation is of course also possible.

sound healing
sound healing

Your Investment

I offer my sessions worldwide over Zoom.


60 Minute Session: 99 Euros

90 Minute Session: 144 Euros

Please contact me to schedule an appointment.


Please note that for all remote sessions payment must be received in advance or the session will unfortunately not take place.


Please understand, that if you do not show up for a booked session and haven’t cancelled, the entire fee is due.

You are a multidimensional being

Every person carries within a potential that most are not aware of. We are all multidimensional beings, that make their experiences as humans here on earth. 


It brings me great joy to help people come back into contact with their true Self, their heart, and core of their being, to assist them in letting go of what no longer serves them and bringing it into healing, to discover and explore their very own, unique potential and to find the courage to bring it to fruition.


I work in the field of energy healing. I don’t give any diagnosis or medical consultation and I am not able to prescribe medicine. My work is not a substitute for a consultation or treatment by a doctor.

sound healing
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