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House Clearings

Energetical cleansing of your surroundings

Not only us humans can take on energies from others, but also places can be full of dense, stuck and unpleasant energies. There are different reasons for this. It can be unresolved  energies of things that happened there, souls that have not been able to move on and so forth.

If you have the feeling that there is something “off” in your apartment, house or office, then it may be the case that there are some of these stuck energies there. Places can also be cleansed energetically, souls can be helped to move on, and balance can be restored.

Maybe your ex has moved out and you still feel his/her energies around you and would like to cleanse these. Or you might be moving into a new apartment or house. I would recommend cleansing the energies there before moving in.

Just ask, if you have further questions about this topic.

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