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House Clearings

Energetical cleansing of your surroundings

Not only us humans can take on energies from others, but also places can be full of dense, stuck and unpleasant energies. There are many different reasons for this.


It could be unresolved energies of things that happened there, souls that have not been able to move on, or maybe your ex has moved out and you still feel his/her energies around you and would like to cleanse these.

Or you might be moving into a new apartment or house. I would recommend cleansing the energies there before moving in.


It is all about restoring balance and creating a high vibrational space for you to feel safe and good in.


At the beginning of the session we take a few minutes to talk and I will ask you a few questions.

I then tune in to your space, and as I am guided by the spirit world, I receive images and messages, as we dive in energetically together, and I describe exactly what is happening.


After the clearing we have a few minutes to answer any remaining questions and talk about the experience if you wish.

A clearing can include:

  • clearing of dense energies within your house/appartment and the ground beneathe it

  • clearing of energies of specific people

  • gridwork

  • anchoring in of light codes in the ground and your space

  • receiving of personal, golden, high vibrational symbols that are placed in specific places in your space

  • assistance of the dragon realm, light beings, angelic beings, and star brothers and sisters

  • raising the vibration of your space

  • receiving of high vibrational energy-devices for your space, which you can also work with on your own

Just ask if you have further questions and I will get back to you asap.


Your investment:


I offer my sessions worldwide over Zoom.


The session lasts 60 minutes and costs 99 Euros.


Please contact me to schedule an appointment.


Please note that for all remote clearings payment must be received in advance or the session will unfortunately not take place.


Please understand, that if you do not show up for a booked session and haven’t cancelled, the entire fee is due.

sound healing
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