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Sacred Ceremony during Pregnancy

Magical Vibrations

In this special ceremony (up to 60 minutes) I open a safe and high vibrational space for you and your unborn child.

During this ceremony you and your baby can connect on a deep soul level.


I call in beings of light, such as the fairies to join us. You and the baby are bathed in healing light and held by the love and warmth of angelic beings.


Sound Healing is part of the ceremony. I will play soft music and sing sounds and light language intuitively, receiving the light codes and healing vibrations that are of the highest benefit to you and your baby.


We create a beautiful sphere of light for the child to bathe in and to feel safe.

While we are going through this ascension process, many old souls and more and more starseeds are incarnating.


These souls come in with a higher vibration and often more of their DNA is activated.


Enjoy one hour of bathing in these healing vibrations, as you and your child are being held in light and filled with love.

Your Investment

I offer my sessions worldwide over Zoom.

The ceremony lasts 60 minutes and costs 99 Euros.


Please contact me to schedule an appointment.


Please note that for all remote sessions payment must be received in advance or the session will unfortunately not take place.


Please understand, that if you do not show up for a booked session and haven’t cancelled, the entire fee is due.

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