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Online Events

You can purchase the recordings of past events here:

Online Events

I facilitate online events creating a sacred space for personal and planetary healing and transformation.

These events include high vibrational group sound healings, comic journeys, guided meditations and a healing circle for women: Sacred Goddess Circle.


During my events I serve as a channel, so that the vibrations and light codes coming through, serve your and the group’s highest benefit.


My events are a safe space for you to journey within and into the cosmos, replenish, relax, activate self healing powers, to drop into your sacred heart space and feel deeply into your eternal soul.


More courses and events are in the making.

Public Events

For the Future I am planning on facilitating in-person-retreats in different countries as well.

You will find more information here on my website when I am ready to offer them.


I am also open for collaborations.

If you are facilitating retreats or are in the process of creating retreats, do reach out to me if you are looking for someone to collabortae with and feel my offerings would complement your vision.


You can book me as a sound healer for one or more sound healing sessions during your event.

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