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Online Events

Online Events

I facilitate online events creating a sacred space for personal and planetary healing and transformation.

These events include group sound healings, guided meditations and inner journeys.


Different kinds of webinars and courses for deep transformation are in the making.

For some of these webinars I collaborate with wonderful energy healers, coaches and inspirational people from many different backgrounds.


In these times of great change, it is of the utmost importance that more and more people awaken and raise their vibration. We can all contribute to creating and supporting the transition into a new golden era.


At the events we create a sacred space, ground and center us, connect with the earth and our multidimensionality. By doing that, we support our personal healing and that of our mother earth.

Public Events

I am working on creating workshops, seminars and retreats with inspiring people from all kinds of different areas, so we will be able to offer them in the future.


I want to give the participants of these seminars the opportunity to take time and space for themselves, to pause and go within, dissolve blockages, experience new things about themselves and to come back to who they truly are. Sound healings will also be part of these seminars.


We will give you powerful tools to assist you in taking the path within and into the unseen realms courageously, to heal bit by bit, and also many helpful things for your life, your relationships, and the unfoldment of your full potential.


Wanted: If you are also working in the field of energy healing, coaching or anything that would work well together with what I offer, and would be interested in collaborating with me, please feel free to contact me, as I am always open for new soulful connections with people, who I can create retreats, seminars and events with.

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