Clearing, Cleansing and Protection Meditation

A guided meditation to clear your physical and non-physical body and invoke energetic protection


This meditation assists you in clearing and cleansing your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body, and creating three layers of protective, nourishing light around you.


There is much upheaval in the collective field.

By invoking the deeply cleansing and transformative silver-violet ray of light, this meditation helps you clear out dense energies which you may have picked up from others and/or the collective field.


It is essential that we take care not only of our physical, but also our non-physical body.


When you are truly grounded and free of energies, that are not yours to carry, you will feel lighter and it will be easier to feel and be who you truly are.


I will also create a version of this guided meditation with added Sound Healing in the coming weeks.


I highly recommend using headphones or good speakers for a better experience of the sound.


You can listen to this Sound Healing for free on my website, on Soundcloud or Youtube. But if you would like to own it as an Mp3 file and would like to support my work, you can purchase it here. Thank you.


Music and meditation created by: Marysol Ximenez-Carrillo
Copyright: Marysol Ximenez-Carrillo


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