5D – Abundance Meditation


This is a guided meditation to open and expand your being and consciousness, to connect you deeply with the infinite potential of your being, and open your golden channels of abundance, reaching far into the Quantum Field.


You open your channel of golden light within, anchoring into the earth and the crystalline grid of the earth, and allow it to reach far up, to the stars.


Ascended Master St. Germain assists you in clearing and cleansing your golden channel of light, releasing any dense energy, and anything that no longer serves you.


From the bottom of your golden channel, multiple rays of golden light flow into the earth, as at the same time infinite rays of the golden light flow from the top of your channel into the cosmos and quantum field, connecting you to infinite possibilities, your infinite potential and abundance.


By the beating of your heart and expanding the vibration of your sacred heart space into the cosmos, you draw infinte abundance and love to you, through your channels of golden light.


You delete and destroy all vows/contracts of poverty and scarcity that may still be active within your field, or in your ancestral lines.


As we are coming into a new age of light, release any energies of force and pressure, and allow yourself more flow and joy as you create your life.


This might be challenging in every day life, but it begins with the „small“ moments. And then we begin to shift.


I highly recommend using headphones or good speakers for a better experience of the sound.


You can listen to this Meditation for free on my website, on Soundcloud or Youtube. But if you would like to own it as an Mp3 file and would like to support my work, you can purchase it here. Thank you.


Music and meditation created by: Marysol Ximenez-Carrillo
Copyright: Marysol Ximenez-Carrillo


Painting of the Red/Golden Healing Symbol: Wera Fengler


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