Om Ara-Ji’Tho (Lightlanguage Sound Healing)



This is a channeled sound healing with light language.

I received this message from our star brothers and sisters, of which many in fact are us from the future. The light language and music contains the vibration to support us in the envisioning and creation of our new earth. Through this message of light, healing codes of light and transformation flow into your whole being. Allow yourself to envision your life and our new earth as vibrant, breath-taking and magical as you can. Let time and space dissolve and tune in to the multidimensionality of your being.

Headphones highly recommended for a better experience of the music and sound.

You can listen to this sound healing for free on my website, on Soundcloud or Youtube. But if you would like to own this sound healing as an Mp3 file and would like to support my work, you can purchase it here. Thank you.

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