Sacred Heart Tones 1

A high vibrational Sound Healing carrying light codes of the heart



Sacred Heart TonesĀ 


This is a Light Language Sound Healing sung a capella.
Very pure, very simple.


It carries sacred heart codes of light.


In these times that hold many challenges for the collective, and for many on a personal level, it serves us well, if we allow ourselves moments of being still and sinking into our heart.


Moments of allowing us to be. To breathe. To feel into what arises within us and hold space for just that without judgment.


I will record more of the Sacred Heart Tones Sound Healings in the coming weeks/months to assist you in taking a moment to connect to your heart and to breathe consciously.


Just let the sound and light within these Heart Tones flow into your heart and being and allow yourself to pause, feel and breathe.


I wish you kindness and compassion not only for others, but also for yourself.



I highly recommend using headphones/ earbuds or good speakers to have the best experience of the sound.


Music and light language composed and created by: Marysol Ximenez-Carrillo
Copyright: Marysol Ximenez-Carrillo


You can listen to this sound healing for free on my website, Soundcloud, Youtube or Insight Timer.
But if you would like to own this sound healing as an Mp3 file and would like to support my work, you can purchase it here. Thank you.

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