The Magical Alignment of the Three Suns

A Cosmic Journey and high vibrational Sound Healing Transmission to experience the powerful Portals of the Three Suns


A high vibrational Sound Healing Transmission and Guided Cosmic Journey to experience the Power and Magic of the Portals of Three Suns


This is the recording of my online Event The Magical Alignment of the Three Suns on April 4th 2024.


After your purchase you will receive the link to the recording of the event and the possibility to download the mp3 file of a high quality audio recording of the cosmic journey.


During this journey you will connect deeply to your own Inner Sun, our outer Sun, which warms and lights up this beautiful earth, and the Great Central Sun, the divine core of the Universe.


As we are going through this ascension process, it is time to truly reclaim your power and remember where you come from.


It is time to reclaim the sovereignty of your soul and open up to your innate wisdom and guidance within, so that you may become the conscious creator of your life.


During this guided journey you will connect deeply to the core of your own inner sun, residing in your solar plexus, and release any blocks, limiting beliefs, vows or soul contracts you may still be holding in regards to stepping fully into your power and light.


You will connect to the portal of the Sun of our earth, receiving powerful solar light codes and activations.


You will then move into deep connection with the Great Central Sun, our galactic center, the I Am Presence, to open your entire being to this magical flow of light of the golden ray, as you bring these Three Suns into alignment.


High vibrational beings of light will assist us on this journey.


During these cosmic journeys I channel healing light information, healing vibrations and light codes, that are of the highest benefit to you and the group.

I bring them into effect by intuitive singing with sounds and light language, combined with music.


These gentle, and yet powerful sounds, flow deep into your body and being, open up deep levels within you and support the healing process of the guided, cosmic journey.



sound healing



During this event you have the possibility to:


• clear any blocks, vows and soul contracts that may still keep you from stepping into your true power

• ignite the spark of your own Inner Sun

• expand the vibration of your Sun within

• receive powerful solar light codes of our Sun

• experience a deep connection with the Great Central Sun

• bring the Three Suns into alignment within your being

• release what no longer serves you

• replenish on deep levels

• journey into the cosmos

• raise your vibration

• expand your consciousness

• deeply relax


The shift that we are experiencing on this earth right now, can be very challenging.

At the same time the possibilities of healing and transformation are greater than ever.



I highly recommend using headphones or good speakers for this event to get the best sound quality and experience of the journey.


Wishing you a magical journey as you move through these powerful portals.

Much light and love,




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