The Sound of Ancient Wisdom

High Vibrational Sound Healing Music in collaboration with Justin BaumĀ 



The Sound of Ancient Wisdom Sound Healing


In collaboration with Justin Baum



Dive deep into the sound and vibration of this channeled Sound Healing Music, and allow yourself to connect to your innate wisdom, the wisdom of your soul, as the whispers and waves of ancient cosmic codes of light and deep remembrance flow into your body and being.


This is my first collaboration with Justin Baum. He embedded my channeled, intuitive singing in this beautiful music.


May this Sound Healing Music take you on a deep journey into your inner worlds and awaken the deep wisdom of the cosmos and all that is – within every part of your being.


I highly recommend using headphones/ earbuds or good speakers to have the best experience of the sound.


Watch video with images on YouTube


Much love and light,



Intuitive singing and light language created by: Marysol Ximenez-Carrillo
Music: Justin Baum
Copyright: Marysol Ximenez-Carrillo and Justin Baum


You can listen to this sound healing for free on my website, Soundcloud, Youtube or Insight Timer.
But if you would like to own this sound healing as an Mp3 file and would like to support my work, you can purchase it here. Thank you.


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