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During all sessions I serve as a channel, deeply connected with source, my team in spirit / my guides, as well as your spirit guides and higher self and any other beings joining our session.

Most sessions are done remotely. As we are living in a quantum universe, we don’t need to be in the same location for a session. The effcets are the same, as if we would be in the same room. 

I combine many elements in my sessions, for which you can find more information below, or in more detail in the What-I-Do-Section

You can combine any of the below elements in your session, as it is best suited for you.

sound healing

As a singer I love working with my voice. It has been shown that sound/vibration penetrates our cells deeply and can support and accelerate healing processes. Sound and vibration can dissolve deep, painful emotions and blockages.

When I am in deep connection with the universal energy, healing energies, light-information and light-codes flow through me, which I then transform into healing sounds and vibration through my singing. 
I also channel Light Language (sung and spoken), which carries healing vibrations and light codes, that flow into your body and being, and into your DNA.

Allow yourself to relax, connect and heal, as the cosmic sounds flow into all levels of your being, to assist you in experiencing and feeling your deep connection to your true Self, the essence of your soul, and to the source of all there is.

During an in-person-session I also utilize the vibration and sound of Tibetan and Crystal Singing Bowls, other sound instruments and work with Planetary Tuning Forks and Shamanic Drumming.

You can order your personalized Sound Healing Journey. 
I go into resonance with you, receive the light information and vibrations that are of the highest benefit to you at that moment and bring them into effect through my voice.

I also receive Light Language, which, by singing it, I let flow into your personal Sound Healing Journey.
You will then receive an MP3 file with your personal Sound Healing Journey, so that you can dive into your very own healing-vibrations anytime you feel like it. 

I’m happy to answer any questions you might have.

We are all multidimensional beings having a human experience here on earth. By tapping into the quantum field an connecting deeply with source energy, we can shift and heal things on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

During an energy healing session I open a safe space for you, in which you will receive exactly what your soul, your body and being need, and what you are ready for in that moment (this happens on a soul-level).
These are some of the elements I work with during a session:

  • Dissolving stuck energies and blockages on different levels
  • Clearing and cleansing of the lightbody
  • Cutting and dissolving of cords
  • Removal of entities and implants
  • DNA Activation
  • Light Language Transmission 

During a session beings of light may join us to help facilitate the healing session. Especially at this moment in time, our star brothers and sisters of many different star-races are here to assist us, if we invite them into our space and start communicating with them.

If you are interested, I can show you how to cleanse your energy field yourself, raise your vibration and protect your space.

If you wish, I will take you on an Inner Journey into your inner worlds. It can be for a certain issue that you tell me about, or an intuitive journey.

As I am in deep connection with my higher self and guides, as well as with your higher self,  guides and light beings, I will be shown where to take you.

Travel with me to magical places, in order to heal, replenish, relax, connect deeply with your sacred heart space and eternal soul, ground yourself, expand your consciousness and being and come into your true power and potential. 

I often combine such a journey with Sound Healing and Light Language Singing.

During a coaching session I offer you a safe space, in which you may talk about anything that moves, occupies or challenges you. Together we will explore new ways and possibilities to dissolve old thinking and belief patterns, that no longer serve you.

Everything has its space to be talked about, be it everyday life, family issues, anxieties or deep spiritual issues. For some people it may be difficult to open up to someone, especially to a stranger. I assure you, that in our session I will be free of any judgement, will be respectful and always have an open heart, mind and ear.

I always include viewing a situation from the higher, spiritual level, as it permeates our entire being and influences our lives in every second.

A coaching can of course be complemented by Sound and Energy Healing, and/or a Guided Inner Journey, if you wish. I would be honored to accompany you on a part of your life’s path.

With this presentation training I can help you become more confident in being yourself and finding and using your very own and unique expression, your clear, strong voice and your strengths.

If it is part of your life to speak in front of audiences, to give lectures and presentations, or you would like more self-esteem and a confident appearance in your everyday life, my presentation training can help you.

Only when we are truly authentic, is it possible to inspire people and get through to them.

When you actually come to the point of being your truest self and coming into your power, you will reach entirely new levels and will be able to enjoy these. Let yourself be surprised by YOU.

sound healing


The costs for a 60 minute Healing / Coaching Session are 99 Euros  BOOK HERE

The costs for a 90 minute Healing / Coching Session are 144 Euros  BOOK HERE

The costs for a Personalized Sound Healing Recording are 222 Euro  BOOK HERE
(includes: channeling of the light codes, vibration and light information,
creation of the music, recording of the intuitive Sound Healing Journey,
mixing and the MP3 file)                                            

The costs for a Sacred Ceremony for pregnant women are 111 Euros  BOOK HERE

The costs for a 60 minute Presentation Training are 99 Euros  BOOK HERE

The costs for a remote House Clearing are 77 Euros  BOOK HERE

Special offers

If you book three sessions (one hour each) the price is: 277 Euros  BOOK HERE

Please note that for all remote sessions payment must be received in advance or the session will unfortunately not take place.

For an in-person-session you can either pay in advance (no later than 24 hours) or in cash at the session.

Please understand, that if you do not show up for a booked session and haven’t cancelled, the entire fee is due. 

I work in the field of energy healing.
I don’t give any diagnosis or medical consultation and I am not able to subscribe medicine.
My work is not a substitute for a consultation or treatment by a doctor.
I am not liable for any kind of repercussion incurred as a direct or indirect consequence of the utilization or interpretation of the meditations/coachings/energy and sound healing.

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