A New Earth

Our mother earth and humanity are going through tremendous changes. The vibration of the earth is rising steadily and we are in the midst of the ascension process into the fifth dimension. We have long been on the path into a new era of which the ancient peoples and cultures have talked about. A time that we cannot yet fully imagine with our linear thinking minds.

Us humans are living in a system, in which most people fight for survival instead of truly living. Greed, power and profit runs this system. But these old systems are not working anymore. We are right in the middle of this deep transformation and are witnessing chaos worldwide, and also the collapse of these old systems. The fear in the collective field of consciousness can be felt clearly.  Our old world is falling apart in front of our eyes and that can understandably be terrifying for many people. The OLD can no longer be sustained and is breaking apart, but the NEW is not fully visible yet. For many this creates a feeling of loss of control, anxiety and insecurity.

In the energy of this new era, it is getting harder and harder to hold up lies and corruption. Everything is being brought into the light, bit by bit. What is not in alignment with the truth of your heart, can no longer sustain. All aspects that are still in need of healing, are now coming to the surface and can be seen more clearly. Collectively, but also for everyone individually. As challenging as these times may be, every soul that is incarnated on this earth right now, has chosen to be here at this exact moment, to be part of this grand shift. Especially now it is worth going within, becoming still, to really look at what issues show up. What is it, that wants to be seen, acknowledged and healed? We are coming into the Age of Aquarius, which stands for coming back to your heart, following it and living and speaking your truth. It is about creating a new earth together, which is infused by love, compassion, peace and abundance for all. Too good to be true? Sounds like a fairytale? Even if our minds can’t imagine this, we are right on the brink of this new era and are right in the middle of the ascension process.

With all that shows up in your life, always come back to yourself, to your center, your core and connect with your heart, your soul and the source of all that is. There you will find the answers that the mind is not able to give. You are the one that decides if you will stay on the 3D-path a little while longer, or if you consciously choose the 5D-timeline. We are all powerful (in a positive way), multidimensional beings and most have not even begun to unfold even a fraction of their potential. The time for this is now! Re-connect with everything that you are, with your essence and the wisdom of all that exists! You have everything inside you that you need to walk courageously on this path into these exciting new times! Let’s be a light in this world and let this light shine and radiate!

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