Be your own Guru

I’m sure BE YOUR OWN GURU is a phrase you’ve heard and read many times. But what does that actually mean?

As humans we have a deep desire to feel safe, we desire stability. Sometimes we wish there was this wise person, who has all the answers ready for us and can tell us what to do. How often have you heard this phrase in your head: What should I do? Someone please tell me what to do!

In our fast moving world we are used to turning to things on the outside of ourselves to find answers and guidance. And while it is perfectly fine to seek advice from friends and family or spiritual teachers, coaches etc., there comes the time to go within.  If we keep searching for something outside of ourselves, we will never truly find the answers.

If we keep thinking someone else is wiser, better, smarter, more spiritual or further than we are, then we cannot come into true contact with our innate wisdom and knowing. Any form of security on the outside is an illusion. True stability within is key.

In these times of profound transformation, fear of the unknown can be overwhelming. This is the moment to turn within. Become still. Ask your questions and listen. Truly listen. Silence has so much to say. Most people have forgotten how to hear the whispers of their own soul within the ever present silence. And be open as to where and how you will receive your answers. It might be days or weeks later, it might be in something a friend says or a text you read somewhere.

To me the world is often too loud. I feel best in quiet places with lots of nature. I was never really able to go clubbing, because I felt tortured by the loud music, too many people and energies and people having to yell at each other to understand any word they were saying. To this day, if something is too loud for me, I try to hear the silence behind the noise. For this beautiful silence and stillness is always there. This might sound a bit weird at first, but just give it a try!

Always go within and listen to what your own soul and heart are saying, search for YOUR truth. Yes, there are wonderful spiritual teachers in this world, and the true teachers will always guide you to explore your own inner worlds, dive into your own knowing and to create a deep relationship with your soul, speaking to you through your heart. A true teacher will help you listen and come into your own power.

There are forces in this world that have done the unspeakable to disconnect us from our origin. Of course we are always connected on a soul-level, but most of humanity has forgotten that we are all powerful beings of light, eternal souls having a human experience and many don’t feel the connection anymore. These „darker forces“ don’t want us to remember and to shine our light, because someone who has awakened and stands in their power is not controllable.

We are right in the middle of the grandest transformation the world and humanity have ever gone through. As the light increases, everything is coming to the surface and we are experiencing what we would call chaos, turmoil and upheaval. But we are right on track. The awakening of humanity is unstoppable.

So as we are going through all these challenges and emotions, there is always a quiet, beautiful, safe space within, where we can find comfort and tranquility. All we have to do is re-connect, to feel, to breathe, to remember, to become still, to heal, to be. It’s all about remembering. Dare to explore your inner worlds and you will find the most precious treasures.

I’m not saying it’s all sunshine and rainbows, because it isn’t, but as we uncover all that’s been pushed away and burried, as we go through the motions and emotions, as we cleanse, cry and laugh, we heal. Layer by layer and bit by bit.

We are all whole and we are all worthy. But many of us have been told otherwise. By parents, teachers, society…. So we came to believing that there is something wrong with us, that we are not enough. But we are. You are. I am. We all are.

The way others treat us is always a reflection of the relationship they have with themselves. A great lesson I’ve learned is: don’t take anything personal. As long as someone has not looked at and dealt with their own issues and patterns, they will keep projecting these issues onto the people in their lives, partners, children, co-workers, friends etc. I find that many people are hurt little children walking around in grown up bodies.

The great thing is, we can learn to choose how we re-spond to something instead of just re-acting. We can always look at a situation, explore what it has to do with us, if it might be a mirror or trigger for us trying to show us something and choose how to respond. We can set healthy boundaries. It is so important to do so.

In the end, don’t we all want the same thing? We want to be heard, seen, loved, accepted for who we are, we want to feel and be safe. But as long as we can’t give those things to ourselves, why do we expect it of others? If you don’t feel safe within yourself, how will you feel safe with someone else?

It is time we find our way back to trusting ourselves, to discovering our gifts and allowing them to unfold and shine. Yes, the process of healing and awakening is at times messy, painful and gut-wrenching, and at other times miraculous and breath-takingly beautiful. If we dare to take this road less travelled, we will find our way back to being the magnificent, powerful, shining ones that we are as eternal souls.

We are all in the same boat. We all doubt ourselves sometimes, get lost, stumble, fall, cry….. Know that you are not alone and know that you have everything you need within you. Be gentle with yourself and allow your being and path to unfold bit by bit.

We are always in such a rush „to get somewhere“. Take your time, go easy on yourself and breathe. Being human has been so challenging in 3D. But the New World is already starting to shine through.

Believe in yourself and find your tribe! Rise above and shine! The time is now!

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